Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Collective Haul Part Two

Here we go with my collective haul part two! I'll only post pictures with no descriptions.. majority of the items are all from Forever 21. If you have any questions about the items leave a comment (: Enjoy!

This past week has been great. I've been spending lots of time with my bf and I've already made a list of things I wanted to blog about let me share some of them with you...
  1. Cargo Blu_ray High Definition Mattifier (primer) and Beauty blender Review
  2. Target: Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer, Sonia Kashuk hidden agenda concealer pallete, boots 7 no shine primer, and Mossimo jeggings
  3. Pumpkin carving, Halloween treats
  4. Maui trip (nov29-dec13)
  5. Lots of Face of the day(s)/outfit of the day(s)
I hope you enjoyed this post and  having a splendid week!

<3 Fraline

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Fashion Collective Haul Part One

Hello again! Hope all is well! I am excited to be back with another photo filled post!  I love watching/reading YouTube videos/blog posts of hauls and thought I'd share  bits and bobs I picked up for my favorite season... FALL! I love the layers and rich dark colors this season brings and how we're getting a lot more cuddle friendly ;) .

So here's my fall collective haul:

Let's start off with accessories shall we?

(right faux diamond cross armor plated ring also from F21)

F21 necklaces

all earrings are $4.80 or cheaper! Loving the vintage bronze!

...of course tights are in.. love the awesome patterns!

beautiful Victorian inspired umbrella

skinny belts!

make up travel bag from F21

Imoshion clutch/messenger bag from Hautelook sale!

another cutesy makeup storage/travel bag 

Leopard print LuLu handbag sale from Hautelook! I wish I got the taupe one too!

and my staple huge Guess Marciano purse that's pretty much luggage size.. perfect for bringing goodies to the movies! hey! you know you do it too! 

Lately I've been very inspired to blog and I've already got a list of things to blog about. I've also been very busy with work and speaking of work I'm traveling to Maui, Hawaii which is on another island (I currently live in Oahu, Hawaii) for work to help open a new restaurant which I was offered to train new employees! I've been on Maui before and I thought It was beautiful.. especially Hana Highway 

[photo from]
Hana Highway is #12 on the list of the most beautiful and challenging roads in the world!
Oh I remember driving on this road all right.. at around midnight.. it was very narrow and horrifying to drive on.. it was a 68 mile drive. It was an accident finding Hana Hwy and It was way too late to find our hotel by the time we found the end.. so we found a gas station and slept in our cars until sunlight...On the way back.. on the same highway... the sight just blew my mind.. it was so beautiful and so majestic for words.. we were all in such awe that we did not say a thing during the entire ride.

By the way.. that photo is a teaser.. I'll be taking photos for you when I get there in November! Which explains all the goodies! There is a part two for this fall collective haul.. I'll post it this weekend! I hope you folks loved this post.. I know It's long.. I should really start blogging more often -_-"

With Love,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Dupe/knockoff is finally found!


[[images above from]]

I rarely get sucked into crazy fashion...
but the Jeffrey Campbell Lita has unbearably captured my heart since the day I laid eyes on them.
I believe I first saw them worn by the stunning Jenn from clothesencounters. Jenn and Sarah have an awesome sense of fashion that exudes confidence.. They're one of my favorite gurus on  youtube :D! check them ouutttt

[[pictures from clothesencounters facebook]]

Now moving on to the most exciting part! I've been looking for a dupe since these babies retail over $160  (not like i'd even dig out that much out of my savings for a shoe anyway -_-") and the black lita is sold out almost everywhere (online included) I've been searching for a dupe that you'll mistake for the real thing. I remember finding one that was very similar although it didn't have a platform and the toe of the boot was more witch pointy that round. I found it from  ilyjessicaomg YouTube Channel but on the same site that she got those pointy ones.. i found THE HOLY DUPE! OMG I was so EXCITED! for ten dollars more than the other look alike.. you get the dupe! Start the drum roll please.......

Like I said, I haven't found a blogpost or anything of this model so here I am...sharing my joy to the world!
Of course a sucker like me would get the classic leatherette black ones. 

The only thing that's not the same from the real is it's heel - it's a dark brown solid color rather than the lighter wooden like appearance. They can't copy the JC Litas completely but honestly.. I LOVE THE HEEL this way... It's a lot more wearable and It's a lot lighter than the real ones as well.

I am completely In love with these shoes and I can't wait to wear them to an event or something. Believe me, I've already walked everywhere in my house with these babies on! They're SUPER comfy and sturdy! they're also great for those days where I feel like I need a boost for my 5'1 self ;D

They came in this shoe box and was packaged perfectly. I ordered mines on 8/14/11 and it arrived on 8/20/11 and mind you, I live in Hawaii so less than a week for shipping is excellent!

I'm not really interested into their clothing but they have an awesome shoe selection for great affordable prices.. and they're awesome quality as well. They also have a wide variety of "Barbie" and "Hello Kitty" merchandise... another thing that i purchased were these Hello Kitty bow earrings :D

cute huh? ^_^" they were $6.

Now that you know that I'm completely and more than satisfied with these on to how to get them yourself!

I got my litas for $38.00 when I ordered them, I guess they raised the price of the black leather lita because it's the classic boot. That means I saved over $120 buckerooos! I'm also purchasing the lita in red and taupe from that site! BTW i forgot to say that shipping isn't horrible either! It cost $8 to ship to Hawaii..... theres also a code for free ground shipping if you live in the states on an order of $50 or more.. lucky you guys! 
for free shipping on continental U.S.

Shipping Info:
Domestic shipping includes the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, and APO/FPO addresses.


ouch.. international

still less than the real lita though.. right?!

btw, I am not at all affiliated with this company. I am stating my honest opinion as a first time customer sharing the joy of a great find to all of you. :)

Anyway, I've been busy trying to enjoy life.. waiting for inspiration to light up my heart for more blogs
WELL THANK GOD FALL IS HERE because I LOVE FALL/WINTER especially the fashion..
So look out for some Outfit of the days or Fall/Winter fashion hauls.

I hope this post gave you Lita dupe searchers hope! Till the next post! I'll leave you with a cute pic of...

miss kitty Ripley hanging out with our fuzzy friends! :D